Agriculture and Renewable Energy Program

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To create an enabling environment for improved food security; household incomes & a carbon secure West Nile region


  • Promote good agricultural practices and protection of environment through tree planting & use of alternative energy sources.
  • Supply agricultural inputs to improve farm productivity & affordable nutrition.
  • Train farmer groups; especially youth & women on post-harvest practices to reduce on wastage during off seasons.
  • Advocate against land fragmentation and use mechanized agriculture to increase on production and household incomes.
  • Improve access to credit to farmer groups through promotion and development of VSLAs.
  • Establish agribusiness marketing agency to pool and market farm produce.
  • Build capacity of farmer groups in management, entrepreneurship and group dynamics.
  • Establish agro processing plants to add value to produce.
  • Promote the use of energy efficiency technologies (improved charcoal & firewood stoves), solar etc.
  • Create voluntary community service clubs to promote environmental conservation, primary health care and good neighborhood practices.


  • Quantity and quality of agricultural produce is increased at household & community levels.
  • Improved health and livelihoods due to availability of food & proper nutrition.
  • Increased food security and incomes as wastage is minimized and excess food is sold in the markets.
  • Rudimentary agricultural practices are discarded cost effective practices.
  • Farmer groups increasingly aware and better informed on modern ways of farming.
  • Forest reserves are sustainably being used for posterity.