Human Rights & Civil Liberties

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To champion the realization, respect and promotion of social justice, Human Rights and Dignity in fulfillment of National and UN Declarations on Human Rights (1948).


  • Observe / Mark International day on the Rights of (the Youth, Girl child & Women).
  • Lobby and advocate for protection of Rights of vulnerable peoples (the Youth, Girl child, Children, Women & People with disability).
  • Collaborate with state and Non-State Actors in promoting Human Rights and Dignity approaches to development in the community.
  • Train and create awareness on Civic and Human Rights issues among key stakeholders within our local communities.


  • Human Rights & Dignity of vulnerable groups (youth, women & children) being protected and promoted in the community.
  • Human Rights agenda is integrated in the work plan of all organizations as a cross cutting concern.
  • Community is aware of their Rights and demanding for protection where such Rights and Dignity are threatened.