Youth Education & Mentoring Program (YEMP)

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: To strengthen youth emancipation efforts and participation in policy reforms, democratic decision-making processes and sustainable human and community development initiatives.

Undertake public policy research & analysis in Education and labor markets sectors to create space for youth participation and cause reforms for quality education & create linkages for youth absorption in labor market.
Engage in evidence based advocacy to influence leaders in order to impact growth and development that is responsive to youth needs and capacities.
Create partnership linkages with national, regional and international youth focused organizations and networks to build synergies that create opportunities for youth.
Train and mentor youth on how to engage as responsible, committed and productive leaders of impact in the community.
Strengthen youth structures at district, sub county and learning institutions with self-advocacy skills and constructive Dialogue skills.
Create and strengthen youth round table dialogue platforms at community level (media/field radio broadcast).

Increased level of interface and dialogue between youth representatives and their leaders on policy formulation /reforms and development issues.
District and Sub county leaders are influenced and increasingly making “community demand driven” responsive policies.
Youth leaders effectively participating in decision making processes at all levels of leadership and governance to influence policy outcomes.
Increased level of effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery from both the public and private sectors.
Human Rights of youth and other vulnerable members of the community is recognized, respected and protected by those in authority.